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Charles Chauhan
Charles has had many kinds of work in his professional career. in 1985 he embarked on a career in Caribbean property development and later went on to do the same thing in the United Kingdom.

He has experience in UK video rights and distribution and was a film producer for feature-length movies. He has also been involved with large-scale marketing campaigns. Charles has also expressed and interest in crypto-currency technology, specifically the Block-Chain, as it has formed the basis of the company he has just joined - Tokenise.

Tokenization is the act of breaking up a sequence of strings into parts like words, key-phrases, symbols and other elements called tokens. Tokens can be individual words, phrases or even whole sentences. In the process of tokenization, some characters like punctuation marks are discarded. This is slightly different to the UK-based company which has been build for investors and founders where tokenisation creates liquidity, transparency, and accountability.

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