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Here are details for Peter Blue. He spent his teenage years in the heart of Barnet building various electronic devices, but lives, works and plays in London, Kent and Faversham.

He has been responsible for many technical developments and projects like :-

  • BackWatch allows clients to know if anyone is searching for them on the Internet. The service also shows the organisation and the context (address, skills, wealth, etc) of the search. The project also allows searches to enhance the client's listing on Google or deflect the search. It will soon feature a stealth mode for clients who wish to stay under-the-radar.

  • Distinct Web was created with fellow entrepreneur Victoria Salem to boost clients websites up search results using advanced SEO/SEM techniques. It featured large-scale automation and often produced results in a few months, instead of the usual year+ time period. It was written in PHP on Apache web server.

  • Pre-Property is the working title for a new project that acquires details of properties just before they come up for sale. It uses a mix of social intelligence and real-time data acquisition to detect when properties could be coming up for sale. The properties are then sold to investors. It's currently at the prototype stage and only in the UK, but has already found many properties. It uses a variety of operating systems and programming languages.

  • Sporting Dates was created to allow sporty men & women to meet, chat and socialise via the website. Peter's task was to write the software behind the website, which included the database and coding. His co-founder Elaine was responsible for marketing.

  • The Construction Database is a large web project that started in 2010. It allows a construction company to dispense with most of the paperwork associated with large construction projects (contracts, jobs, technical drawings, time-sheets, invoices, orders, quotes, etc) and put everything online. Peter's job was to reverse-engineer the previous version (Phase 2) and re-design it, so it could meet the needs of the construction industry in the 21st century.

  • British Women Artists was created in 2008 to allow female artists based in Britain to upload their artwork, enter competitions and socialise during the prize-giving parties in Soho, London. His task was to design, build and maintain the technical infrastructure behind the site.

  • RareList was created to allow rare book enthusiasts to upload their rare books to the site, chat with other members and sell their books. The website was powered by scripting language PHP, database MySQL, web server Apache running on Linux. The site had over 250,000 books in its heyday, and often had in excess of 100,000-page hits per month before it was closed down.

Peter has been involved in the technical aspects of numerous projects used in the 1st Gulf War during his time in the British army.

In 2020, he developed algorithmic cryptocurrency trading systems running on FreeBSD (UNIX) to add to his income streams.

He uses Linux most of the time and FreeBSD (Unix) on servers. He has used many programming languages in the past (Assembly 6502, Z80, 386, Various flavours of BASIC, C) but currently use PHP.

He also has expertise in: SEO/SEM, IPv4/IPv6 GeoLocation, GPS (on websites), EXIF (meta-data in images inc GPS), HTML, CSS (responsive designs), SQL (MySQL, MariaDB & PDO), TCP/IP and more.

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